Our Services

Code Tidy Up  

If you believe in good comments for your code but somehow never find time to do it, let Indie Software do it for you!

Whilst we're at it we'll tidy up the layout and recommend changes that will help improve your code.

Application Specifications  

Feel that you should document your systems, but not quite sure where to begin?

Indie Software will tease out the important parts of your system and summarize them in a easy to use reference guide.

Bespoke Developments  

Let Indie Software write the software that is made to measure your needs.


  • These are the techologies we really like to work with!

    ASP.NET Webforms ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET WinApi C# VB.NET C C++ Pascal Ada Javscript JQuery Perl Knockout JS Angular JS Bootstrap Winforms WPF Informix MySql Oracle Sql Server Sql Server Compact SQLLite MongoDB Java Informix 4GL Esql/C Pro*C Linux Unix Scripting Apache IIS HTML5 CSS SVN Git NUnit Rhino Mocks Entity Framework Amazon Web Services

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